Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs & electrical upgrades in Cranston & Warwick, RI & surrounding areas

Why would you need to have a home electrical repair? Without power, the appliances, radios, televisions, lights and numerous other things will not work. We have become so dependent on electricity that we become agitated when it is off for even a few minutes in a storm. In the past century, modern man has learned to rely heavily on electricity.

B&K Electric will come out the same day, if needed. We accept all emergency calls. We schedule on a 2 hour time slot. You can choose from:

8:00-10:00am / 10:00-12:00pm / 12:00-2:00pm / 2:00-4:00pm

Don't be Kept in the Dark

Don't be Kept in the Dark

We Repair:

• Repair breakers
• Switches
• Outlets
• Light fixtures
• Short circuits
• Power outages
• Inspections
• Overloaded circuits
• Ungrounded circuits
• Smoke alarms
• Fuses
• Panels
• Meter sockets
• Water damage
• Fire damage
• All trouble shooting

Emergency Call Pricing:

$120/first 30 minutes, then $60/every 30 min after up to 2 hours max then we either fix the problem or give you a free quote for the repair before we do it if it's a more complicated issue than the following:

$65 for plugs and switches or loose connection

$85 gfci outlets, breakers, and fixtures replacements

B&K electric guarantees we can fix the electrical issue at hand. All repairs are on a 3 year warranty. See what other satisfied customers are saying.