Reviews & Testimonials

Sharon | September 26, 2017

East Providence, RI

Ryan and Jeremy were polite, friendly and extremely helpful. They explained what my problem was and what I need to do in the future. I will definitely call them in the future.

Miriam Montag | August 11, 2017

Cranston, RI

B&K electric came to my rescue and fixed issues created by a bad contractor. Not only did the put back all the outlets they ripped out but they corrected other issues in my basement. I highly recommend them. Just let them play music while they work! They are honest and reasonable. I can't say enough good stuff about them. I will hire them for all my electrical work!

Paul Barratt | June 3, 2017

Johnston, RI

We had purchased a 2 family house partly because of the finished basement. Recently we had a building inspector from West Warwick give us an inspection to be approved for energy efficiency grant. W.W. inspectors gave us devastating news that the basement was not up to code and needed to be demolished even know it was inspected when we bought it and again 2 other separate times by the same W.W. building inspectors :( I searched for a licenced electrical company and B and K was quick to give me a call back. Mike explained the cost of everything over the phone and was evan able to quote me an estimate right then and there. I decided this was the professionalism I needed to get past my issues. My basement was ordered to be demolished and that's sad but the electrical issues were fixed in only a few short hours and I am now moving forward with what I need to do. The best part of the experience with B and K was when the job got pricey Mike really worked with me and kept his word he would help me as much as possible. Good job B and K you earned this review.

Terry Rello | April 19, 2017

Johnston, RI

The owner Mike, contacted me the same day I posted my request for service. I gave him more details on what I was looking to have done and he gave me a general price range of what the job would cost and told me the final,estimate would be given after they came to the house and could better assess what needed to be done. This is something that I greatly appreciated since many companies won't give any type of cost range before coming out. The cost range sounded reasonable and Randy and Jared came to the house. I had a few different jobs that needed to be done including an exhaust fan in the bathroom, changing a ceiling fan and a light fixture and fixing a problem I had with an outlet. Upon assessing all the work, they found the bathroom exhaust fan was a much bigger job than anticipated. They explained everything to me in detail and gave me the revised estimate. It was more than I had planned for but was fair and reasonable for what needed to be done. Jared and Randy were great. They handled all the jobs quickly and efficiently in a professional manner while at the same time being very kind and friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend B &K electric and I plan to use them again in the near future myself

Donielle | April 1, 2017

Warwick, RI

This company is amazing! They were the third electrical company that I had contacted to do the wiring and grounding for my above ground pool. The other two electrical companies told me a bunch of things that would have to be replaced in order for the job to be done and kept a negative attitude regarding all the work that would have to be completed. When I first reached out by email, I was contacted back immediately from Mike O'Neill, the company owner. I explained to him my situation and he was able to give me a reasonable estimated chart of what cost I might be looking at depending on what needed to be done. Randy and Jared from B&K Electric came to my home that following Saturday and assessed my electrical situation. They remained positive and upbeat and explained everything that could be done. They listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. Once it was confirmed on what had to be done, I was given the most reasonable price right then and there and once I agreed, they went to work! It was a cold, rainy and snowy New England day and these two gentlemen went right to work and kept at it until it was complete. I was amazed and impressed on the timeliness of this crew, their friendly personalities and the fact that they respected my situation and remained upbeat on how they could assist with getting the job done. I would highly recommend B&K Electric. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I would consider them again hands down.

B & K Electric upgraded the electric service in our incredibly old home! It was a very complicated job connecting 4 very old fuse boxes and making sense of a bunch of wires running everywhere. The electricians that worked on the house were extremely knowledgeable, professional and just good people! The estimate was very fair and affordable. We will be bringing them back for additional work, in the future!

Jennifer Edwards

Cranston, RI

B&K got my stamp of approval. Mike communicated with be by email, which a lot of home service people won't do. He got Ryan and Jeremy to my house within a matter of days, because I needed my old knob and tube inspected urgently. They did a great job; friendly and professional but also just normal guys that you don't mind having around. They made some good observations while here that may be useful in the future, as well. I would use b&k again!

Alicia Marie

Cranston, RI

I highly recommend B&K Electric for their exceptional scheduling, service and attention to detail! Kudos to Mike and his team!

John T

Cranston, RI

Randy and Cam came to install the panel and kill switch yesterday, I am very impressed by all of their work. They showed up right on time, were friendly, worked quick and the end result looks better than I expected. It’s the little things – all sawdust from where holes were drilled to run wiring was cleaned up. The new panel looks great, the ground wire run to the water main piping is clean and contoured along existing structure and out of the way. The guys even humored me and took my breaker to outlet/light map (not the actual labels on the box, I sketched each room and identified them on a sheet of paper) and updated it based on new breaker positions.

I’m a DIY guy but obviously this job is not something I should have tackled. It was nice to come home yesterday and find those little attention to detail things taken care of, I really felt like the money was well spent.

Thanks again – and if you see the guys tell them the same. I’ll definitely be keeping your card in case there’s work needed on the new house we’ll be moving into.

Nat Ward

Warwick, RI

The entire experience from talking with Mike, the owner, to the on time arrival of Randy and Jared exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the fact they brought in their own rugs before placing the ladder on the floor. I now have a new electrician to call: B & K! Thanks.

Tricia McCusker

Cranston, RI


I received your invoice, it is fine the way it is. I will submit it right away for payment.
I wanted to compliment your employees for an outstanding job! Very professional, prompt work. When they completed the job they cleaned up as though they were never there. I would and will, highly recommend your company and will certainly keep you in mind for future work

Thank you,


Mike was SUPER! Just when i thought he would never find what caused the outage, he worked at it and worked at it (like a detective!) and finally found the culprit outlet--it was not heavy enough to carry the load that had been put on it over the years. Could have caused a serious fire. He was a professional and a gentleman.

Kenneth C.

North Kingstown, RI

The two gentlemen that came to the house, were very courteous, they were very neat and they advised me of what the cost was for each job. They very efficient, did not leave any mess. Also, they were very knowledgeable.

Diana Shaughnessy

Johnston, RI

Arrived on time. Courteous. Work performed efficiently, quickly.

Alan Perry

Johnston, RI

Mike is very easy to deal with, but his crew makes this company top shelf. They are personable and have no issues answering questions or explaining the process. In preparing for the crew to come, I missed a few items that should have been moved. I noticed they were moved as carefully as if they were handling their own items. Mike inspected the service to make sure all items required to be done were completed. Once he and I were satisfied, the work was completed. When the city inspector came in and saw the B&K label on the box he stated he knew this job was done right.

Robert H.

Warwick, RI

The people were very professional. They arrived on time and completed the work fast. They were willing to listen to my requests and suggested what was best. I was satisfied with the work. I would recommend them.

Sergio S.

West Warwick, RI

Mike is a solid business professional and he strives for customer satisfaction with his clients. Our original projects turned into more than anticipated, and Mike accommodated us to meet our needs. We did have an issue with one part of the project and Mike made things right with us. I would recommend his services to others.


Saunderstown, RI

We are very, very pleased! B&K was the first to return our call and was not only great with the electrical but great communicators as well! The professional that came to our home was not only proficient at his craft but personable too. Work was great, so was price.

J. G.

Lincoln, RI

Mike and his crew are first rate. Went above and beyond expectations. Did everything possible to make customer happy. Thanks Mike, I know who I'll be calling in the future.

Peyton S.

Providence, RI

Top notch guys. Professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Got right to work and explained everything that was being done. Went above and beyond. Highly recommend them.

Melanie B.

Woonsocket, RI

Very accommodating. Professional. This company looks for long term customers and are priced very fair and will use them again for sure.

Patrick F.

Providence, RI

The electrician was courteous and very knowledgeable and made sure everything was in perfect working order before he left.

Ronald B.

West Warwick, RI

They were on time. Very professional. Explained everything they did and why they were doing it. Very happy.


Warwick, RI

Excellent service. Called back within 30 minutes.

William H.

Providence, RI

This company was prompt and professional and very helpful. I will definitely use them in the future for all my electrical work.

James P.

Warren, RI

Fast response, on time, excellent work, great suggestions and very affordable. Great attention to detail!!

Jon B.

Pawtucket, RI

Very knowledgeable and professional. Quick and accurate service. Very reliable.

Yaira T.

Providence, RI

This company was the first to respond and was ready to do the work as soon as the truck pulled up. The technicians were very efficient, accommodating and knowledgeable . Very satisfied with the overall job. Thanks, Mike and crew!

Joann T.

North Kingstown, RI

Very professional, kept me informed as to what they were doing, why I needed certain work performed and I thought their price was fair.

John H.

Pawtucket, RI